ECar Sweden AB

Our vision

ECar intend to offer the market electric cars that, by means of an industrialised conversion process and close cooperation with automotive companies.

Basically, the entire automotive industry has ambitions to develop electric cars to be introduced on the market between 2012 and 2014. Prior to this, there is a need for cars for public services, big corporations and transportation companies who want to evaluate and use environmentally friendly cars. During 2011 and onwards there will also be a market for electric cars for personal use as the technology becomes more known and accessible.

There are currently a small number of enthusiasts who convert regular cars to electric drive on a small scale, but they lack the ability to deliver more than the odd car and they are expensive. The only way to reach adequate volumes to serve the market in the near future is a more industrialised process for conversion of regular cars purchased directly from the car manufacturer.

The electric cars have the following features: • Based on Fiat 500 bought from the factory and converted by us • Modern LiFePO4 batteries manufactured for the automotive industry • Module based batteries with module of 15kWh available • Industrialised production based on experience from Autoadapt
• Delivery starting during 2010 • Possibility to lease the car through major leasing companies, e.g. Leaseplan and GE Financing

The primary market is Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, but the second step may involve more countries, mainly in northern Europe.

An initial drivable prototype was presented in April 2009. Series production was started during March 2010.